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Espresso Brownie

Chip Chip

Sea Salt & Caramel

Summer Coconut Blueberry

Jalapeno Margarita

Habanero Honey

All Classic Cookie Combo

Spicy Spuds Combo

Hold the Heat Classic Cookie Combo

Tate's Introductory Trio

Lookout Cookie Break

Classics - Hold the Heat

Classic Edition All the way

Chocolate Edition

Cookie & Milk (Carton)

Summer Toasted Coconut

Meet Tate

Say Hi to Tate R. Doodle (aka the Dood)

Hi! I’m a spunky little spud who loves staying in touch with his inner sprout.

 After digging myself up from an earthy set of circumstances, I realized that I had a gift to share, bringing joy and smiles to every room that I enter. I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and know that life’s too short to indulge in anything less than the best. A freshly baked cookie is like a warm hug or a smile from a friend. Happiness = Comfort = Cookie.

Potato chips make everything better. That’s not just my mission statement. It’s a fact. There’s reassurance to be found in a delicate salty something. Now, you never know where I’ll pop up or what I’ll be doing next. Just rest assured that if the chips are ever down, I’ll be there with something crispy, chewy, savory & sweet.

What’s not to love?



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