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Cookies. Potato chips. Why not smoosh them together to double the joy? Two of life’s best can’t-eat-just-one pleasures rolled into one. Our mission is to spread as much joy as possible with whimsical, tasty, and potato-y treats.

Meet Tate R. Doodle

He's a spunky little spud who loves staying in touch with his inner sprout. He's got a bit of a sweet tooth and knows that life’s too short to indulge in anything less than the best.

Our Products

Nothing but the best is our mantra, and it all starts at the receiving door. Only the freshest, finest, most wholesome foods cross our kitchen threshold. We have a strict non-GMO policy, use organic where we can, and avoid all ingredients that you’ll struggle to pronounce.

The only difference between Taterdoodles and homemade cookies is the home part. No science. Just good food.

About Those Potato Chips

We insist on using only Route 11 Potato Chips in all our recipes. Hailing from Mount Jackson, Virginia, these kettle cooked treats must be tasted to be believed. We’re proud to partner with a company that takes so much pride in their products.

Their level of quality and attention to detail are an
inspiration to us.

Our Team

It takes a village to bake a great cookie, and we’re very proud of our gang of sweet heroes. From the happy group that blends, scoops, bakes & packs the treats, to the chefs that create the recipes, to the logistics folks that get them all out the door on time, we’re all excited to play our part. Everyone is devoted to making sure that everything arrives in the best possible shape, tap dances on your taste buds, and leaves you hungry for more.

Rossnelly Salazar

Master Illustrator & "Tate's Mom"