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Tate Gives Back

Each quarter, we donate a percentage of our sales to a chosen charity.

We're so proud to select Homestretch as our next partner.

After the Homestretch program, families are able to:

● Find a full-time job and stay employed.

● Graduate from high school.

● Complete college or vocational school.

● Focus on building self-sufficiency.

● Pay taxes, pay off debt.

● Own a home.

We look forward to doing all that we can to help them. We hope that you’ll be motivated to donate or get involved as well.

Looking to get involved?

Tell us about your favorite non-profit or charity and we may select them as our next partner!

A Farm Less Ordinary

Last quarter, we partnered with A Farm Less Ordinary. These remarkable folks help adults with developmental disabilities aquire job skills and develop a strong sense of community. They do all this while being good stewards of the planet by growing vegetables organically with sustainable methods.